April 30, 2010

Ghost Tracking

The Fresno Ghost Tracking Meetup Group will be at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park on Saturday, May 8th for an investigation of the park. The group will meet at the park at 6:00 pm for a tour of the park. After the tour they will break for dinner then return to the park at 10:00 pm to begin the investigation of the park.

The Fresno meetup group is the second ghost tracking group to investigate the park. The first group was the Porterville Ghost Society, on September 12th, 2009. You can read about their investigation in the Winter 2010 issue of the San Diego Chapter of the Friends of Allensworth newsletter.

The cost of the May 12th event is $40.00 per person. To join the Fresno Ghost Tracking Meetup group contact Angie Matthews at the group’s Meetup page.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

April 27, 2010

Thank You e-card

Recent budget cuts have caused California state park rangers and their staff to work harder than they have ever done in the past. In addition to leading tours of the parks the staff’s daily duties include such things as maintaining trails and access roads, and repairing and cleaning restrooms.

The California State Parks Foundation has created a special “Thank You” e-card that they are asking their supporters to sign and write special messages to park personnel.

If you have ever visited Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park please take a few minutes to send a Thank You e-card to Ranger Steven Ptomey and his staff. Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and all of the support they have given the Friends of Allensworth during our special events at the park.

In addition to the above duties Ranger Steven Ptomey is an ambassador for Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. He regularly speaks about Allensworth at local schools, colleges, and museums. He has also promoted the park on local television shows. And somehow he finds time to maintain a Facebook page for Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

April 21, 2010

Negro town on American Idol

On tonight’s American Idol’s Idol Gives Back show Randy and Morgan Freeman visited Mound Bayou, Mississippi, a U. S. Negro town: settled on July 12, 1887 by ex-slaves of Joe Davis, Isaiah T. Montgomery (member of 1890 state convention) and his cousin, Benjamin T. Green.

You can read about the history of Mound Bayou and view historic pictures of the town at the Mound Bayou Movement web site.

The television event Idol Gives Back began in 2007 as a way for those behind American Idol to "give back" and harness American Idol's ability to capture America's hearts and the power of entertainment to benefit some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

April 17, 2010

Historical Ride to Allensworth State Park

This is a five minute video of a coupe’s Historical Ride to Allensworth State Park on April 10, 2010. They rode their trikes to the park. At the park they flew kites while their friends Steve and Terri walked around the park. One of the park rangers even came over and flew kites with them.

Hope you enjoy this five minute tour of Allensworth State Historic Park.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

April 09, 2010

Old Time Jubilee Train Ride

The Sacramento chapter of the Friends of Allensworth and CTD Dream Builders are sponsoring a train ride to the May 15th Old Time Jubilee. CTD Dream Builders is a youth outreach program dedicated to helping youth set goals and ensuring they reach those goals.

Families will board the train at the Sacramento Amtrak station and enjoy a free breakfast on the ride to Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. The train will make a special stop that lets the families off only feet away from the Hindsman General Store. After enjoying the Old Time Jubilee activities the families will re-board the train for the return trip to Sacramento and a free dinner.

To purchase tickets or receive more information contact Thomas Stratton at 530-949-2168 or CTD Dream Builders at 916-308-3441. In Stockton call Brenda Kemp @ 916-847-3306.

Stephen Hill, Sr.