November 12, 2009

Colonel Allensworth SHP Closed to Vehicular Traffic

On November 1, 2009 we reported on the service reductions announced by California State Parks. The reductions are part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to keep the state parks open after a $14.2 million budget cut.

Kathy Weatherman, the Tehachapi District Superintendent has announced the specific service reductions for the state parks within the Tehachapi District.

Effective from November 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 Colonel Allensworth SHP will be closed to all vehicular traffic Monday – Thursday. The park will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and for scheduled special events. Park hours will be reduced from 8am to 5pm to 9am to 5pm.

During this period of reduced service we ask for your help in keeping Colonel Allensworth SHP clean. Please take out your trash and keep the restrooms as clean as possible.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

November 07, 2009

The Allensworth Corporation Rabbit Farm

The November 5, 2009 issue of the Valley Voice reported that a group called The Allensworth Corporation has started a rabbit farm on 58 acres of land that they purchased in the town of Allensworth. The Tulare County Planning Commission has given approval for the corporation to raise 9,600 rabbits at a time. The farm will employ 20 people. The rabbits will be shipped to Turlock, California for processing then sold as gourmet meat.

The Allensworth Corporation includes family members of Nettie Morrison. Morrison has lived in Allensworth for over 30 years. The land was purchased by her son Dennis Hutson, Pastor of Advent United Methodist Church in Las Vegas, and other family members are moving to Allensworth to oversee the operation of the farm.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

November 04, 2009

New Plan to Save State Parks

In the last two years California state parks were on the verge of being closed twice. Budget cuts this year have caused nearly 60 state parks to reduce their hours of operation. Budget cuts have also caused needed maintenance and repairs to be delayed.

To provide a stable source of funding for the state park system the California State Parks Foundation has filed a proposed statewide ballot measure, slated for the November 2010 ballot, which will create the State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010. The act will purchase State Park Access Passes by adding an $18 surcharge to the vehicle license fee.

To get this measure on the November 2010 ballot volunteers are needed to gather the required signatures to qualify the initiative for the ballot. After the California State Parks Foundation hosted organizing meetings this fall and in early January signature gathers will be teamed with 1 or 2 other volunteers from their community.

Please help keep Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park and the other state parks open by going to the California State Parks Foundation web site to sign up to be a signature gather or to fill out an endorsement form.

Stephen Hill, Sr.

November 01, 2009

State Park Service Reductions

On September 25th Governor Schwarzenegger announced that no state parks would be closed. But the $14.2 million budget cut would cause services reductions at many of the 278 parks in California.

Last week California State Parks announced the list of service reductions for 278 parks in California. State Park District Superintendents decided on the specific reductions for each park within their respective district. Some of the most common reductions included:

• Reduced days of operation

• Reduced hours of operation

• Closing of restrooms

• Closing portions of campgrounds

• Closing and consolidating park offices

• Closing visitor centers two or more days per week

The service reductions at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park include reduced days of operation and reduced hours of operation.

Stephen Hill, Sr.