July 16, 2005

Junior Ranger Program available at State Park

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park is one of over sixty California state parks where the Junior Ranger Program is available. Seven to twelve year olds can participate in games, hike trails, create their own animal, discover tracks, and observe wildlife. They earn rewards as they go through the 12 different program activities.

The program can take place over several days, or they can start at one park, and then at another time go to a different park. Each activity takes about an hour. The Junior Ranger Program is free to visitors who have already paid the park entrance or camping fees.

The department of parks and recreation also offers the Junior Ranger Adventure Guide. You can print it out before you go to the park and then have fun doing the activities with your whole family. When you’ve finished all of the activities in the guide take your Adventure Guide to the entrance station, park office, camp host or visitor center to get your California State Parks Junior Ranger award.

You can learn more about the Junior Rangers by phoning (916) 653-8959.