January 02, 2006

Former Allensworth Resident Evacuated During Hurricane Katrina

Dorothy Wells has a heart condition that put her in the hospital the day Hurricane Katrina flattened New Orleans. She was transferred to another hospital to have a pacemaker installed and two days later Hurricane Rita hit. Wells and her son Troy Loville were trapped in McComb, Mississippi for 13 days without water or electricity.

Rev. Larry Dodson and the New Life Community Church of Tulare sponsored the successful evacuation of Wells, her son, and 11 other people to the Tulare area. Wells and her son now live in an apartment in Tulare. The apartment manger donated a table and a refrigerator. Love INC. donated two beds and had the electricity turned on.

Dorothy Wells lived in Allensworth from 1995 to 2002. In 1999 she was appointed to the board of directors for the Allensworth Community Services District. She does not plan to return to Mississippi but wants to go to work in Tulare, but that could be challenging because her weaken heart has caused her breathing to become labored.

If you would like to make a donation to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina who now live in Tulare, call New Life Community Church Outreach office at (559) 684-1912. Or mail donations to:

New Life Community Church
Outreach Offices
145 North "N" St. Suite B
Tulare, CA 93274