June 30, 2005

Masters Thesis on the Allensworth Hotel


My name is Beatrice (Bea) Cox. I am doing my Masters thesis on the archaeology of the Allensworth Hotel. I heard about Allensworth only five years ago. Since then I have attended the Rededication event for three consecutive years. Needless to say I fell in love with Allensworth and all of its history and lore. I have met quite a few descendants, listening to their wonderful, uplifting, and encouraging stories. I plan to finish my thesis by next May. In this writing process I have a few historical details to iron out and for the rest of the summer I will be at the collection center doing a long awaited analysis on the archaeological materials from the hotel excavation. I plan in the future a compilation of all the archaeological reports from the town. I am working with Betty Rivers, Glen Farris, and the Park Service on this project.

I wanted to touch base with your organization to let you know of my work and to also ask of you, your assistance in my research. There are a number of questions that come up periodically as I grow familiar with the documents and artifacts stored at the Archaeological Collection Unit in Sacramento. I, of course, would be ever so respectful to any of your members who will or will not assist me with information. I understand these are personal and heartfelt memories to be valued and revered. I have drafted the following preliminary questions from my first look at the records of Allensworth.

Did the hotel play host to an integrated clientele? Why, who, and where else did the hotel clientele do business in town?

Were there any social events (marriage, receptions, etc) documented with photos, letters, diaries or legal papers by families or others?

Can anyone offer me a glimpse at family photos from the era that were taken in or around the hotel?

Were poultry and beef or any other food stuffs supplied to the hotel by members of the community?

Does anyone remember the lake bed flooding and the precautions that were taken when it happen? Can you describe it for me? Did it involve the hotel and in what way?

I can be contacted at: coxb@sonoma.edu
Thank you,
Beatrice Cox
Grad Student-Sonoma State University

June 24, 2005

Dotson Barn Lift Station and Sewer Line Connection

The California Department of Parks and Recreation has submitted a Notice of Exemption to the Office of Planning and Research. The exemption is for the Dotson Barn Lift Station and Sewer Line Connection project. The project is for the installation of a lift station and sewer line connection at Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. The lift station controls will be in the Dotson Barn.

Click here to read the Notice of Exemption.

June 14, 2005

Was Chaplain Allensworth assassinated?

In 1914 Allensworth was crossing the street after getting off a streetcar to preach at a small church in Monrovia when he was fatally struck by a motorcycle. Do you think Chaplain Allensworth was assassinated? Please let us know what you think. Click on the comments link below to leave your vote. You can just enter Yes or No. Or you can write as much as you want about Chaplain Allensworth’s death.

YES The circumstances of Chaplain Allensworth's death are mysterious and he could have been the victim of foul play. There were a lot of people who didn't want Allensworth to succeed.

Cornelius "Ed" Pope
Initiated the drive to restore Allensworth

NO It's easy to imagine anyone absentmindedly stepping off of a streetcar in L.A., directly into the path of the 1914 traffic.

Vera Botelho
Historical Researcher for CASHP