November 14, 2004

California Department of Parks and Recreation Concerned About Negative Visual, Noise and Vibration of High-Speed Rail

At the November 10th public meeting of the California High-speed Rail Authority a tentative map of the route for the state of the art high-speed train system was unveiled. The route will run from Sacrament to San Diego, with bullet trains operating at speeds up to 220 mph.

Two routes from Fresno to Bakersfield had been considered, one running through Visalia and the other through Hanford. The staff recommended the Hanford route and that the 120 mile stretch be nonstop. Because of concerns about the negative visual, noise and vibration effects on Colonel Allensworth State Historical Park the California Department of Parks and Recreation opposed the Hanford route.

Visalia city officials have until December, when a final vote will be made on the route, to persuade the board to select the Visalia route.

For more information on the California high-speed rail visit the California High-Speed Rail Authority web site.